The background effect

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I wonder if you can help me to know how the designer make the background effect,i mean the colors (blue and purple ) colors on the wall and the floor in this image,thanks

I’m sure it was accomplished using several different Photoshop tools. One way would have been to use the lasso tool with a wide pixel feather setting to select various areas while altering the color balances, saturation, and vibrancy. I suspect the dodging and burning tools were also used to selectively lighten and darken some areas. Using the brush tool with a big blur to change the colors would also be doable. All the foreground elements are on separate layers will various opacity properties applied.



To my eye the room looks like a 3D rendering. I don’t know much about 3D software, but I suspect you can model with lights with different color casts. Or it could have been done in Photoshop with techniques as described by @Just-B or possibly using split toning.

Screen Shot 2024-05-10 at 3.59.15 PM


The background effect you decided to call it is actually a background image of a bad 3D rendered interior just like @Steve_O mentioned. It looks like its done on 3D max and the person couldnt handle the vray part.

You can look at the landscape and room components placed in right corner of the image. They do not resemble to objects of a real scape. As for the shinning part on the floor, You can render it by controlling gloss effects on any render software/plugin. At last, Ofc the foreground objects are done using multiple layers on raster based software.

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