The best course to learn Photoshop

Hello! I have a question for all of you who learned Photoshop by online courses: what is the best course to learn how to use this software? Links are welcomed, please don’t reply abstract things like “youtube”, or “google” or something else, I literally want the course.

… er … never mind.

I don’t believe there is a go to place for a Photoshop course. There are tutorial based sources in many different places. If you want free tutorials I’m afraid you will have to go to YouTube or Google. If you want to pay you can go to places like and see what they offer. There are tons of places that offer paid learning … but they are all in tutorial form. Far too many to list. So again, you will have to go to Google and research it and see what it right for you. You could always do it the old fashioned way and take out a classified ad in your local paper requesting to hire someone to teach you. You could also inquire with your local colleges and see if they are offering any online courses.

That’s about all I can think of.

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Linkedin Learning there’s a free month trial

I find Skillshare very good, it has a host of great courses on Photoshop amongst many other things. There may be a free trial available to see what they have to offer. I do tend to just watch one instructors videos called Daniel Scott. I find his videos really good and he has his own website with essential and advanced Photoshop courses that may be useful for you. Both places worth a look! Links below:

Good luck!

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Because of the versatility of Photoshop, there really isn’t a course to learn it.
It takes practice. Lots of it. And often, if you stray outside your field a bit, you have to learn and practice even more.

I’ve used photoshop day in day out for image retouching for over 2 decades now. But the minute I decided to use photoshop for illustration, it was like learning a new software. Two totally different functions, with almost a totally different tool set. I’m just glad there is an internet and a Youtube full of videos.

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