The best way to promote a web and graphic start up


What is the best way to promote a newly established graphic design and web company with a low budget?


Hand-delivered, hand-written letters.

Save on postage stamps and photocopying cost.


Cold calling is another great way to promote yourself; the only cost is your time.

Do you have a local government agency that registers new businesses? Do they make lists of these companies public? New businesses are more likely to need comprehensive design services.

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Couldn’t begin a business venture with a worse combination.

What is this meaning?

  1. Identify a business that could benefit from your services.
  2. Pick up the phone and call them.

It takes some preparation work to be successful, but it can work.

Pop-up events are a good place to start conversations.

Can you please explain what are pops up?
Do you mean pop-up on the site?
Also, I know a kind of stand called pop-up. Do you mean that?

Pop up Events are ephemeral public events that take place in any number of odd places. Sometimes they last a few hours, sometimes a few days. They are usually unexpected by the public but planned way in advance. Often they can be in blind store fronts in malls, kiosks in malls, small gatherings in public spaces (be sure to get your permits!) or maybe just a booth at a county fair or farmers market or other type of trade gathering. I’m not sure if the poster above is suggesting to visit one or actually be a participant in one. Can’t say I’ve seen a graphic/web firm at any of the ones I’ve seen. Usually they are more fashion or food oriented and the ones we install are usually by top brands just getting out there in the public face and having fun.

Focus on organic SEO , and Organic Social media marketing. Create informative educational videos to educate business owners, Do organically.

What print driver mentioned is a very good definition. I’m not suggesting you get a booth at one, I mean to go visit one and look around for who may have a need for your service, or people you would enjoy working with. In my experience they are often food and apparel centered, but often times these vendors are small companies that are growing and growing and expanding.

They can be weekly events that are local to the community, or they can be big marketing efforts by well established brands.

I would suggest the small local ones. If you’re just starting out, it’s not a bad idea to work with people just starting out as well and forming a relationship with them.

1/ try to make it best with some possibility of virality and put on forums like here

2/ create a thread on the forum for users to give comments, and possibly win a prize with
a minigame

3/ ask an influencer or so to talk abt it

4/ run a mini-game on FB or Insta to let people comment on it/ play around with it … and win a prize

Hopefully this can help at some points

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What does promoting a ‘graphic and web’ company have to do with pushing a mini-game and winning prizes?
(why do I have the feeling I’m gonna be sorry I asked…)

That would be against the rules – and also it is a bit self-limiting anyway. What is the point in promoting a design company on a forum full of professional designers?!!

Can you please explain more about this?
I am really interested to know.

You can start with the FB ads, it will work.

We have the similar service, and mostly focus on our FB ads. You need to be more specifc with your target, try to make your target audience details as much as you can. and yes for us mostly is B2B. Try to target businesness that you think they need your service.

After that I would suggest to start with Google ads, but make sure that your own website is enough user friendly to push the traffic on it.

The other thing I would suggest is start a Youtube channel, create some good contents such as screen record of some of your projects, and then try to advertise there.


Good idea with YouTube + web-site promoting. With low budget, I recon it’s good to use the main recourse – skills - in web designing and graphic. I mean to ground strategy on that basic advantage: make attractive own web-site, well designed and showing “your unique offer” in an extraordinary way – with excellent graphic, better motion or animated.
As much as more you have content formatted as video, you can store it on YouTube and place to web-site. Here is a good promo video case study that shows how to make it outstanding. As you see it’s also the web-designing company and they have made catchy motion, playing with retro-style. As I understood in this case, they posted the video on their website’s home page and also used it in their YouTube promo campaigns. You can do the same, but underline your uniqueness and style in your own way. Considering statistics showing that min 80% of all consumer traffic is achieved by online video, I think it worth to do that also.
Just while making it, keep in minds main questions: “who are your customers?“, “what value you can give them by your service?”, “how to show it to them in a unforgettable way?”. Then try to make the “picture, answering these questions”, while follow advices of others in this topic also.

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Graphic design business is very hard and competitive, so you need to know it first. If you dont have enough money to buy adverts, then the best way would be just to write to newly opened companies. Thats all. New companies open every day, so just write, write and write to them.