The Bloomberg 50

I don’t recall seeing this sort of thing before. At least it’s not a run-of-the-mill Wordpress template. :flushed:

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That is downright nauseating!

Ankiti Bose winked at me :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


You have to scroll it backwards. But I like what they’re “trying” to do.

What are you supposed to do? Look at the moving images, or read the copy? They compete so completely that I could not focus and basically just shut it off without looking at any of it.

I hate to be a poop, but wile it’s clever with ideas, it half-fails in execution. I would like to tell you why but I don’t really have solid website experience.

Great, now I’m dizzy.

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Yeah, I guess this is cutting edge design, used to induce migraines and vomiting. Maybe it’s all just a ruse to sell us Pepto Bismol.

You might be on to something there. It’s definitely working.

I don’t think I need glasses anymore.

No…I’m pretty sure it was me she was winking at.

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