The Cinematic Portrayal of Graphic Designers in Film & Television

This made me laugh a bit :wink:

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dang. I still need to find that person/company that wants to pay me $100k pounds to design a squiggle for a logo.

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This is my favourite movie about graphic design


lmaoooo… yep … wouldn’t that be just faboo!! :smiley: :smiley:

@Carlo That’s always been a fav of mine too :wink:

“So is anyone with a laptop.”

That’s funny. But it’s true. So it’s not so funny. Ugh.


Damn…been a long time since I heard fluorescent color referenced correctly instead of the rampant misuse of “neon” pink, “lime” green, etc.

Now if only they had a mockup template that would automatically put a picture of my client’s product in place of Superman’s head.

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Comment: “I hear you are quite a graphic designer.”

Reply: “So is anyone with a laptop. Yeah, wish I had of figured that out before racking up $60k in student loans.”


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