The color you like best?

The color you like best? red, blue or green?

Credit: Dainogo

What are you wanting to determine, ie, the reason for asking people’s colour preferences? Are you looking for a Crit? Is this your work?

In addition to what Sprout mentioned, each one is a little different … so do you only want to know color preference?

If you tell me here to choose the color then I’ll choose blue/green whatever you mentioned above. Gradients are good looking in green color.

As I mentioned, is this your work, or are you just wanting us to help you choose your friend’s birthday card?

The best answer is probably whichever color the recipient(s) will like, but we’re not them. I just looked it up, and blue is supposedly more popular as a favorite color than any other, followed by red and green. So it looks like you’re covered no matter which one you choose.

Unless you choose the first one and your Mom’s name is not Dainogo.

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