The Design of Apple's Credit Card

As is expected from Apple, the card is unlike any other. At a close glance, the minutest details set it apart from the rest. Of course, the physical card hasn’t been released yet, but we can learn a lot from what Apple has shown in promotional material.

This level of obsession with the details is nearly expected from Apple. It’s an obsession that requires taste, wealth, expertise and an extensive supply chain, a combination unique to Apple.

I’m getting a 404 error on the link. :neutral_face:

I seriously considered signing up for this just to get the cool-looking titanium card, but I’ve pretty much decided that my next cell phone won’t be an iPhone.

Put a slash at the end of the URL in the address bar. Someone didn’t set up their routes correctly. :eyes:

Disappointed they didn’t go with a notch

I’ve pretty much decided
a. I have enough credit cards
b. Not ever getting another one not associated with a bank.

I’m a fan of Dave Ramsey. Here are his comments on the Apple credit card. If you’re not familiar with Dave Ramsey, he is not a fan of credit cards at all.

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He didn’t get into the extras associated with this credit card that aren’t there with others. The credit card is getting all the attention since it’s so unusual, but the whole thing is really about Apple’s payment system, in which the credit card is sort of a legacy item that works when a merchant doesn’t accept their iPhone payment method.

Although I won’t be getting an Apple credit card, I almost never pay anything with cash any longer. A credit card is just too convenient. I never worry about it since it’s automatically paid off in its entirety each month directly from my bank account. I also make a few cents back on every dollar I spend and have a complete record of all my purchases for record keeping. In other words, unlike Dave Ramsey, I am a fan of making payments this way.

Never had your number stolen?
They lock the account for 7-10 business days while they sort you out.
I would really hate to have to try to talk to Apple about bad charges on a card of theirs. The banks are bad enough.

I’ve had my number stolen a few times over the years with different banks (Chase, Amex, Discover)- They’ve always just reimbursed the fees over the phone (at the expense of the retailer where the card was used, I assume) and sent me a new card overnight and I continue on like nothing ever happened.

I’ve had unauthorized charges on my card two or three times and lost them other times. As Obsidian mentioned, it’s a call to the bank, they remove the charges then send a new card within four or five days. For that matter, the bank usually calls me before I’ve even realized what happened. I just switch to using a debit card for a few days.

I do agree, though, that I wouldn’t trust Apple to be quite this responsive when reporting a lost or compromised card. Making a call to the corner bank branch office is easy. My guess is that calling up Apple and getting a quick response will be considerably more frustrating.

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