The disturbing art of Qixuan Lim

A Singaporean student has gained an international following on social media for her macabre sculptures of body parts, including a pie with little hearts for filling, tiny baby faces in pistachio nut shells and miniature brains. Via. Check out her Instagram.


I totally get that art should give you pause and make you think. Even make you uncomfortable … but this makes me want to barf.

She has wonderful talent … but, to me … it gets lost in all the gore :frowning:


Love it.

No thanks.

I thought it was quite well done. But once it becomes pigeonholed, it starts to get boring.

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My art school worked Best of Boston one year. All the dishes were based on famous artists. The favorite was “Van Gogh’s Ear” - basically a fried pastry with raspberry sauce.

That last one looks like the baby monster from the movie Brazil.

I agree with this, mostly.

The technique and execution are strikingly good. I suspect I’ve not been desensitized enough to consider baby fragments as a concept “boring” at any rate, but at some point, surprising turns the corner to become predictable, or at least repetitious. And seriously, once the novelty wanes what’s left is not a positive feeling, so how many of these does anyone really need?


Ewwwwww! :nauseated_face:

I wholeheartedly agree with this sentiment.

My buddies dad, a retired Music Dept head at a State U, said not to let it bother us if we feel like we’re repeating something because “every song has already been written”. For instance, TOOL is very original, but break down the parts and you find most of the individual parts are pretty easy to play. It’s how those parts are put together that make it sound original.

This is a central battle in my own psyche, and I believe why so many artists “Need” to create: the need for free self expression and search for originality vs what is socially conscious and comfortable.

I think that is the line graphic design tries to walk. Whereas Fine Arts is not about sales and distribution. It’s only the artists “vision” - perverse as it may be.

The dedication and follow through on this project is impressive. Love the style and amount of detail. Boarders cute and disgusting at the same time, which is not a common combo.

Reminds me of some pieces from Mark Ryden.

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Love that MORE!:smiley:

I see nothing cute lol. I find it incredibly disturbing.

Psychologists agree that there’s a difference between the emotions of fear and disturbing. Fear can be anything that is an actual danger to oneself (lizard brain / fight or flight response). But disturbing is different because we can’t define it as dangerous, so instead of fear, we feel revulsion stemming from an “almost” recognizable thing in an oppositional context. - I just think that’s neat.

Btw, there’s a great Japanese Film called Dumplings that works around this sort of feel if you like it.

You are just amazing and love your creativity but also disgusting :neutral_face:

F’d up.

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