The first thing that comes to your mind

I need to create a logo for a holding/investor. But i wanna know whats the first thing that comes to your mind if you think about holding/investors.


Other people’s money. Conspicuous consumption. Sorry, my glass is always half empty.

My stolen IRA.

The first thing that comes to my mind is the reasons to invest: retirement, college, kids, grandkids . . . but that’s a total cliche in the financial services industry.

I imagined a sage green color and medium thickness vertical lines.

You should probably be thinking about what makes this holding/investor firm unique or what unique qualities may set it apart from the competition and be of value to a particular potential customer or client.

“Trust”, the first thing came into my mind was “shaking hands” but its very basic. Maybe I’m not good at visualizing. Shared my thought.

LOL @ shaking hands…
I do a lot of printing. Several years ago shaking-hands got to be a thing. There was this one particular shaking-hands stock image that everyone and their mother were using. It would show up at least once or twice a month. We even halftone sandblasted the image into glass once. Got to be sort of a competition which of us techs would get the most of them by the end of the year.
That trend faded.
Way WAY too cliche.

It’s been about 3 months since the original post. I’m willing to bet the logo is long since done.

this might sound weird but what directly comes to my mind is a seed being secured right beneath a solid layer of soil with a hope to watch that tiny seed grow into a giant tree over a significant period of time.

do a web search for:
financial seed tree stock image
and see how many cliche images you come up with for that concept as well.
Think outside the box.

I just revealed what came to my mind bro. didn’t have to use a search engine to write that down (:smile:
but perhaps again it could be a cliche memory I had stuck inside my head that just came out, triggered by the post as I was reading it. you got a point! :wink:

The colour blue, and grey. That doesn’t mean you should use it though. It might mean you should use something entirely different actually.

This thread illustrates why it is important to sketch, sketch and sketch some more.
Get past the “first thing,” past the cliches, past all the not-so-good ideas and move on to what’s important to the client brand. It often is not constructive to get stuck on the first thing that comes to mind.

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