The GDF Inspiration Thread

Share inspirational design work here. Could be your own work or someone else’s work.

My wife and I were walking down the pasta aisle the other day, and the TRUFF labeling immediately caught my eye.

Not this one?
Screenshot 2023-04-25 at 9.38.54 AM
I do gotta say, 8 bucks + for spaghetti sauce ain’t happening though.

Do not buy sauces, make all my own. All you need is tinned tomatoes and some spices/herbs. Far simpler, far less salt/sugar. I got turned off one day when I found out that my entire days salt content was in 1 serving - wondered why I was feeling bloated after eating it.

I’m one of these designers that I am not wowed by other designs at all. I don’t really care for the packaging or who makes it.
My eye goes to the price first - scan the shelves for the lowest priced product.

There are some items I’ll buy based on brand - like Bachelor Baked Beans taste nicer than Heinz, for me anyway.

And I’ve taken to buying Pepsi lately as I get 3 x 2litres for €4 which is a great deal.

I tend to stick mostly to store brand products.
My wife has the idea that it’s the store you’re in they want their product to taste good so you buy again.

I just like the cheaper prices.

Would I buy anything based on packaging alone?
I don’t think so - and I’m in the packaging industry too…

As often as not, I’m inspired or intrigued by what doesn’t work as much as I am by what does. Here’s an example of both.

(Yes, it snowed a bit last night. Aaarrggghh!)

Mrs. B is a sucker for unusual packaging. She brought this home from the supermarket a while back. When I saw it, my first thought was that’s a pretty cool-looking can of something or other. My second, third, and fourth thoughts were, what is it?

Perhaps on the store shelf, surrounded by other bottles of olive oil, the contents of the artsy can would have been obvious, despite the light-colored typography on a white background in a language I can’t read.

The biggest problem appeared when I tried to use it. The spout, which is centered on the top of the can, makes it impossible to pour the olive oil without it slopping all over the top of the can.

Innovative appearance: A-
Functionality: D

To me, it’s an inspirational lesson in the problems associated with placing form ahead of function. It is cool-looking, though.

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Agreed. That is cool looking.

Does that say 13 bucks for a jar of sauce? Half the size for twice the money :flushed: I’ll concede the packaging is interesting … but it would never leave that shelf. I thought all the folks freaking out over Rao were crazy at 8 bucks a jar. Another one I’ll never be trying. But, the internet says it’s the only one to buy now LOL :stuck_out_tongue:

As for the Olive Oil … the can is nice … but impractical. I’ve had a few large containers like this and they are all the same … sloppy. As mentioned the oil will pool around the spout and drip down the can or pour and drip onto the counter when aiming for a measuring cup or pan. :zipper_mouth_face: