The last march of a creative

I can’t remember if this has been posted here before, but it doesn’t matter. It’s important to share the pain with the fresh-faced newbies, for their day will come too.


I never compared Graphic Design to S&M … but I see it now LOL … wow :rofl:

And umm … I really don’t want that award :flushed:

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That borders the line of funny and waaaaaaay too true.
It also kinda borders NSFW. :wink:


Soooo true indeed!!! When I was 54 years old I lost one of my biggest clients! “I’m sure you’ll be ready to retire soon” they said. It took four years to recover, hearing “Well, we are looking for ‘younger’ ideas” more often than was expected. “Experienced” has little respect over fifty. Very long story short, I kept working with what I could pick up before retiring at 70. Thank the good Lord it’s all over now—and here I am, lessons learned, contributing on GDF.

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