The Loner series

Hi Guys, so i just started my new NFT series and i wanted you guys to check it out on IG @forfourteen

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Rather check it out here than be giving you extra views on something you have purposefully not given any information on.

Tell us what it is and why this NFT is a good investment and what the gains are for the buyer. Otherwise it’s just clickbait and I won’t clicking on things unless I know what they stand for.

honestly i am trying to get my numbers up, its more like a testing grounds to see what type of audience i could reel in but the main idea is to get introverts into it. So the idea is to push several facial expressions of intoverts and their struggle or the emotions they struggle with. Basically my perspective or how i see the world and trying to check out who has eyes like that. Thats it.

here is another

Got no use for NFTs. Latest pyramid scam.
But good luck to you. I dig your art. But not enough to buy a virtual representation of it.


thanks but i wouldnt mind a little support on my ig page. just trying to push my brand. @forfourteen on instagram

During the time you’ve been a forum member, you’ve used the forum for lots of self-promotion purposes — this being the latest. Although you’ve participated in the forum discussions, the forum rules prohibit advertising.

ohh okay, i thought the forum was to help each other grow? i did not post things that aren’t design related? if you interpret it as me taking advantage, then i apologize.

To be honest I don’t understand the appeal of an NFT.

This looks more like self-expression to me, you don’t have a client and the product doesn’t have any purpose or function so…not design.

There’s certainly nothing wrong with self expression. I just don’t understand talking about brand and demographics if that’s what it is. Also attempting to connect with introverts seems like a tall order, right off the bat.

You mentioned that the eyes were supposed to be a focus tbh, I don’t feel particularly drawn to those. If it makes you feel good to draw them then keep doing it. You’ll get better at them and maybe people will find them interesting. I think there’s ways you could make them more interesting for other people but I’m not sure that should be the point.