The Love Sausage 🤣

In case you are looking for a special breakfast recipe :wink:


I love Emmy… and how she keeps a straight face is beyond me. But, boyyy oh boyyy this does look good. Not sure if I will have the stuff in time for a V-Day breakfast … but this would be great for any day breakfast to say … love ya :slight_smile: :heart:

I think they call it the love sausage because it will go straight to your heart – and not in a good way.


I clicked on this topic with a great deal of trepidation. LOL.

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Au contraire, that’s the good way.
… and all naught boys will go to hell. I’m doomed.

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I wasn’t expecting anything heart-shaped …

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lmao … 10 year old me was laughing hysterically as I posted this … just visualizing y’all’s reactions to the title.

… I can’t help it … that part of me will never grow up :wink:

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Hehe don’t google it whatever you do :joy:

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