The only Superbowl 2019 ads worth watching

Turkish Airlines




Washington Post






See all the Superbowl 2019 ads.

Ok, I get it. Social Justice. Yay.
They even killed the Blue Knight all for a Game of Thrones commercial, which I wouldn’t have even know why they did that if someone in the room hadn’t told me what that other suit of armor was doing to the knight’s eyes.
And Cashew was all about a guy choking to death on a nut and brought back to reality? Really?
I just wanted to watch a fun game.
Thanks a bunch.

The Harrison Ford commercial was funny. The first time.
You have to see the unedited “Devour” commercial online for it to even be remotely funny.

The rest of them, meh.

But Hey, how bout them Pats!

My opinion . . .

The spot Hyundai was funny.

The Microsoft spot did a good job of capturing emotion (and a pretty cool product).

Nothing else really grabbed me.

I was extremely disappointed in the Budweiser commercial. Holy moly, what a letdown.

And the game outcome. I don’t have strong feelings about either team… but definitely have an opinion about Brady the weirdo. He’s creepy.

Tom Brady kissing his son.

If he wasn’t the Patriots quarterback, I bet Child Protective Services would be circling his house.

I still don’t get it. Why would a brand do that? It was that important to them?

Can’t say that any of these commercials grabbed me enough to make it all the way through them.

Maybe I’ve come to have a short attention span, but when someone tries to sell me something that I’m not already looking for, they’ve got about three or four seconds before my interest disappears and I’m off to something else.

I’m never too hard to please :smiley: I thought a lot of them were funny, sweet or thought provoking.

Loved the 100 year game :smiley:

The Ridley Scott ad was just long enough to have me invested and I wanted to see it to the end.

Hyundai was great too.

I didn’t watch any of these during the game. There was too much going on at my house.

The ads posted are entertaining at least. But I don’t know enough about TV commercials to even speculate on what might sell these days. I’ve been out of the game for too long. The only practice I had with TV commercials was in art school decades ago.

A 6 minute commercial seems a bit excessive. I hope it works for Turkish Airlines. I’ve gotten use to the 15 second commercials that are easier to ignore. Some streams show a timer so you know exactly what time to be back. I stream most of what I watch and skip commercials when I record.

I don’t mind the social justice. It’s about time. If I’m going to buy someones product, I don’t want the profits paying for social injustice.

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I gave up television several years ago — partially due to commercial interruptions every ten minutes and the lack of anything interesting being on when I wanted to watch it. We no longer even have a television or a cable subscription. Now, if it’s not on Netflix or Amazon Prime, I don’t watch it.

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