The right position to set up your tablet

Hello everybody,
My Huion Kamvas has a screwed-on stand, but however low I set it, it still is exhausting to my arm to keep it lifted up all the time. I am used to flat paper… So I thought to unscrew the stand at the back and lie it flat on the table to draw.
However I don’t know if it won’t get overheated… It has ventilation grids on both sides, but also on the back, which would be covered if I lie it flat…
Has anybody ever thougt about what would be the correct position for your tablet to set up?

Have you looked into a cooling pad? A quick Google search turned up many different models. For example…

I don’t use a drawing tablet (I never could get used to them), but I have a Mac Mini, which gets quite hot. It sits flat on a 1/2-inch pad with lots of ventilation holes and a very quiet USB-powered fan inside.

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Ah. I’ll check it out.
This design tablet isn’t really a “tablet” technically, but a big monitor with a touch screen. So I don’t know if it works like a computer or like a normal monitor. But I am looking around for inspiration to make it easier on me to draw on it.
Me too I am used to pencils and paper; but this digital thing is very handy for coloring, and for taking out bits from one drawing and putting it on an other one, something that I used to do by cutting it out with scissors and glueing in place, and other tiresome fidgeting jobs. So yeah, it is practical even if you can’t draw on it like on paper.
But when it stands straight up, my main objection is that you have to keep your arm lifted up all the time, never to rest it on the table. Or rest it, lift it up again, rest it, lift up again, each time you need to take an other “tool” on the interface. :hot_face: That’s even worse…
So I want it to be on its back. If that were safe to do.

Thanks for the suggestion

I’m here with the conclusion.
I found out from Huion Support that graphic tablets don’t overheat at all, if lying flat. So a cooling pad isn’t necessary.
However, the shape of the backside is not flat, so it is not possible to lie it down and work on it, just like that. I made a frame from a rubber garden tile, that fits the shape of the back; and that works.
It’s not very pretty to look at, though. It would be nice if Huion made something that did the same job but looked better… I might even tell them.
For the moment, I’m content