The Storytellers Behind Apple TV+

Meet the creative minds behind the stories. Apple TV+ is a new streaming service with original stories from the most creative minds in TV and film. Coming fall 2019.

Video featuring: J.J. Abrams, Jennifer Aniston, Damien Chazelle, Sofia Coppola, Ron Howard, M. Night Shyamalan, Octavia Spencer, Steven Spielberg, Hailee Steinfeld, Reese Witherspoon.

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Apple’s very late to the game on this whole streaming video thing. Why they didn’t do it years ago, I don’t know. I’m skeptical about this working out for them.

I’ve never been one to care about celebrities or to even learn their names, so Apple’s launch using these people as the hook, leaves me underwhelmed. That’s just me, though. Netflix has done quite well focusing on unknown actors and actresses, and I suspect most people are far more interested in whether or not a movie or series is compelling and entertaining than they are about recognizing the people in them.

I’ve been using Netflix and Amazon Prime’s streaming video for years. It’ll be tough to pull me away from those or to get me to pay still another monthly fee for a subscription service that I don’t really need.

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I’m sure they will find a market. Especially with folks who salivate at the thought of anything new from Apple :smiley:

Looks like it’s going to be about 40 bucks a month and is set up like ROKU. You get access to a bunch of channels - some are free others you will pay for in addition to the 40. You can access that channel and watch all the content inside that they have allowed to be streamed.

Either way I have a ROKU (which was 65 bucks in total) and Netflix, Prime and Hulu. The got my streaming business many moons ago :smiley:

I think Disney’s streaming service will overshadow them all. Especially since they now own Marvel, Lucas Films, and Fox.

I agree Apple+ has some heavy hitters, but let’s be honest, the directors in this roster lack lustre. What was the last good film/series Spielberg, Abrams, Shyamalan or Howard made.

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I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a Mac fan. Been one for about 30 years. But, I’m really, really beginning to hate the “subscription” model world that is now the norm. Don’t get me wrong, I love having tons of media at my fingertips for a relatively inexpensive cost, but Netflix, Hulu, Spotify, Xbox Gold, Playstation Plus, Disney Plus, YouTube Red, Amazon Prime, Adobe CC, Microsoft 360, Apple TV Plus, Blue Apron, WSJ. I get it, every company wants the recurring payment, they want to “lock users in”, but it’s starting to get pretty crazy IMO.

I will say I only pay for 4 of the services mentioned above. But, still, its a troubling trend IMO.

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Pfff. I’ve tried everything from purple lighting to intravenous tequila, and they show absolutely no interest in mating.

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