The year was 1964

54 years ago :slight_smile: I posted this over on FB and thought some might get a kick out of it :slight_smile:

*Minimum wage $1.15
*Average Salary $4,576.32
*Three-bedroom ranch house in Parsippany, New Jersey: $23,000
*Three-bedroom, two-bath house in Crystal Lake, Illinois: $20,900
*Four-bedroom, two-bath house in South Bend, Indiana: $16,000
*“Penthouse view” in doorman building on East Sixty-ninth Street, Manhattan: $245 per month
*Furnished apartment with heated pool “convenient 10 minutes to Long Beach or Los Angeles,” two bedrooms: $120 per month
*GE washing machine: $169
*GE dryer: $99.95
*Sears 16.5-cubic-foot refrigerator: $349
*GE Thinette air conditioner: $119.95
*Mohawk carpet: $9.95 per square yard
*Admiral AM/FM clock radio: $39.95
*Motorola AM/FM 8 speaker stero (Hi-Fi) With Multiplex Tuner $199.77
*Simmons Hide-a-Bed sofas: $199.95–$599.95
*Simmons Beauty Rest mattress: double, $89.50; queen, $199.50; king, $299
*Hoover Slimline vacuum cleaner: $40
*RCA color television: $549.95
*GE 11-inch portable television: $199.50
*Tensor “fold-a-way” lamp: 9.95 *Orange juice (frozen): five 6-ounce cans for .99
*Fresh whole pineapple: $.39
*Chicken of the Sea tuna fish: three 6.5-ounce cans for 1 *Hershey chocolate bar: .05
*McDonald’s hamburger: .15 *Slice of pizza: .15
*Sabrett’s hot dog: .15 *Cup of coffee: .10
*Howard Johnson’s turkey dinner (with gravy, cranberry sauce, peas and carrots, whipped potatoes): $1.49
*Dinner at the Forum of the Twelve Caesars restaurant in Manhattan: $12
*Steak dinner at the Palm in Manhattan: $8
*Brooks Brothers suit, worsted and navy serge: from $150
*Men’s Dacron and cotton suit: $45
*Jockey T-shirts (three): $4.39
*Warner original Stretchbra: $5.95
*Thom McAn “upholstered” leather shoes: $9.95
*Ranger Oxford shoes from L. L. Bean: $12.85
*Rainfair cotton raincoat: 32.50 *Fruit of the Loom boxer shorts: .69
*Hand-crocheted blouse from Henri Bendel, Manhattan: $245
*Honda 50 motorbike: $245
*Ford Mustang: starting at $2,368
*Volvo sedan: starting at 2,330 *Ride on New York City subway: .15
*Rental cars: Falcon, 5 per day, .08 per mile; Thunderbird, 9 per day, .12 per mile
*Gasoline (gallon of regular): $.27
*Cover Girl powder and liquid makeup: $1.50
*Max Factor California Bronze tanning oil: $1.35
*Maybelline Ultra Lash mascara: 1 *Rex razor blades (10): .88
*Blistex: .39 *Scott tissues (two boxes of 400 each): .49
*Crest toothpaste (extra large): .44 *Rexall toothbrush: .69
*American Airlines, first class, New York to Los Angeles: $160.
*Pan American World Airways, first class, New York to London: $712.50; coach, $300
*Moore McCormick Cruises, 35-day tour of Scandinavia, the Baltic, and northern Europe: from $1,285
*Matson Line, five-night Hawaiian cruise: $414 Imperial 500 motel room: single, $7.50; double, $9.50
*Williamsburg Inn in Colonial Williamsburg: double, from $16
*The St. Moritz on the Park, Manhattan: single, $12; double, $16
*Chris-Craft 27-foot Constellation (sleeps four): $9,345
*Bulova President wristwatch: from $39.95
*De Beers one-carat diamond: $500–$1,800
*First-class postage stamp: .06 *Pack of Camel cigarettes: .50
*Zippo chrome cigarette lighter: $3.95
*Term’s tuition at Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York: $750
*Year’s tuition at Davidson College, Davidson, North Carolina: $1,815
*Year’s tuition at Harvard College, Cambridge, Massachusetts: $2,400
*Typical visit to a doctor’s office: $25
*Ticket to Hello, Dolly! with Carol Channing: Monday through Thursday, $3.60–$8.80; Friday and Saturday: $3.60–$9.40
*Ticket to Movies $1

*1964 television brought us Bewitched, Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C., The Andy Griffith Show The Munsters, The Lucy Show, Gilligan’s Island, Peyton Place, The Man From U.N.C.L.E and Petticoat Junction.

*The Beatles’ appearance on “The Ed Sullivan Show” in February 1964 remains one of the most watched television moments in history.

*1964 brought us Sean Connery as James Bond in Goldfinger

*The year 1964 marked the last time that anyone in America relaxed with a cigarette. The date, to be exact, was January 10, 1964. On the next day Surgeon General Luther L. Terry released his advisory panel’s report on smoking and health. After that, people could still smoke, of course, but never again in the hazy delusion that cigarettes were harmless.

*The World’s Fair was held in Queens, NY. The admission was $2 for Adults and 1 for children under 12. During July and August all children were only .25

*World Fair Debuts:

  1. The Ford Motor Company had their finger on the pulse of the nation when it chose the World’s Fair as the grand stage to unveil its newest model, called the Mustang, on April 17, 1964.
  2. The Radio Corporation of America (RCA) presented the first Color Television.
  3. Disney had an exibiit of audio-animatronics dolls celebrating children from all over called “It’s A Small World”.
  4. Bell Telephone debuted the Picturephone. It never took off however. It was a little too ahead of it’s time. Three public call centers were set up in Chicago, Washington D.C., and Grand Central Station in New York City. It cost around $27 for a three-minute call between Chicago and New York (about $200 in today’s dollars), they were far too expensive, bulky and not user friendly.
  5. A model of The World Trade Center slated to start construction in '66.
  6. NASA provided replicas of the Saturn V Boattail rocket & Lunar Excursion Module…

And that’s the way it was :heart:

Speaking of the '64 World’s Fair…


Me want that Bell Telephone picture phone!!!

The phone bill I live without :crazy_face:

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A 3 bedroom house for 5 years salary or less!?

A below average 3 bedroom house here is worth 14 years average salary.

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Pretty sure that colour TV was around before that. For one thing the Disney show The Wonderful World of Color began in 1961.

Cool thread though :slight_smile:

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