Things that make you scream/chuckle…

So there was some back-and-forth but not much, no sleepless nights. She wanted a trifold brochure (8.5x11) and a price list (18x24). No problem. Granted she wanted to cram a cha-billion things into this letter sized trifold, no problem. And when it was all said and done, she said it wasn’t going to be printed, it was just gonna be on her website. She was a little confused when I took issue over it. We did a lot of talking about her needs before the end result and never did she once mention in the last week or so that it was going to be online only. Yes I’m happy that I got paid and all but I feel horrible because she didn’t need a print designer. Yeah, sure she can easily upload the pricelist to social or her website but the brochure is just gonna look hella stupid as is. She said, don’t worry about it (gurrrr!)

This reminds me of many conversations I’ve had with clients over the years. I’m not sure why the obvious isn’t obvious to them, but all to often, it isn’t.

Client — I need a trifold brochure to promote my new service.

MeOK, I can do that but how do you plan to distribute this brochure?

Client — Um, I don’t know. I guess I’ll just hand it out to people.

MeWill you simply give it to people who walk in the door? Will you have a stack of them on your counter? Will they be displayed in a rack in hotel lobbies? Will you be handing them out to hundreds of people at trade shows?

Client — Well, I guess to start, I’ll just hand them out as needed when people ask then see what happens.

MeHow many do you need?

Client — I don’t know, maybe 50 or, wait, a thousand. How many do you think I’ll need?

MeI don’t know either. That’s why I asked you how you plan to distribute them.

Client — Oh, yeah. I’m not sure.

MeI need to know how many you need and how you plan to print them in order for me to prepare the artwork correctly. Will you have them commercially printed or just print them out from your office printer?

Client — I guess, both, maybe, I don’t know.

MeYou have a website. How many people visit it each day?

Client — Maybe a thousand or a little more the last I checked?

MeWill this information go on your website?

Client — Can’t we just put the brochure on the website, so they can see it there or download it and print it out?

MeYes, but you’ll be asking people to download a file just to see what’s in it. Most people won’t do that. (Pulling a trifold out of my case) This printed trifold makes sense because there’s a cover, then you open it up to look inside, then you turn it over to look at the back. When it’s opened up flat, as in a PDF from your website, the panels will be out of order — the cover will be at the back and the back will be in the middle. You don’t want that, do you?

Client — No. I hadn’t thought of that. What do you suggest?

MeLet’s think it through together.

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Client wants to be on the cutting edge, so she keeps asking me to help her put a QR into her email signature. I explain why that’s a no, but she forgets and keeps coming back to ask again.

Same client also asks if I can incorporate the Pantone Color of the Year every year… so we can be cutting edge.

No prob - we’ll rework it for the website for $xxx.xx

No problem - that will be $

Sure 50 is $xxx.xx
1000 is $xxx.xx

Yes, that will be $xxx.xx

Sure - here’s your QR code - that will be $xxx.xx

Sure - this will be $xxx.xx

My Daily Scream

When artworkers don’t know when to use overprint and knockout (especially on spot colours)

My Daily Chuckle

When I turn off the computer for the day and close the door.

You obviously do not have a business-issued cell phone.

That gets turned off too - and right to disconnect is law here.

I have a high-paying client (a large financial investment firm) that has a website and put the brochure on both their website plus be able to print out the document on their own color printer, In addition, they wanted to use it as a slide presentation. Granted, it is a large 32-page brochure. No problem. So I created each page separately, then gathered them all into PDF form. They post the brochure, use it as a slideshow and add also send the PDF as both a downloadable document for their website and/or to send to potential investors through email. Works like a charm. The client loves it. They have me create updates to it a couple of times each year, snd I make overall design style changes as needed. This system has worked well for about 15 years now.

(insert funny pages comic strip)

Omg! I am currently working on the email sig thing with QR code for one of my clients. It’s a small mobile imaging business and they have the money to spend on marketing and are growing as we speak. I’m doing the QR codes via myqrcode. com. Anyway, I was able to do the vCards for them, too. I was able to bundle this with business cards. With everything being digital and mobile, some people don’t realize they need print collateral, too! Lol