Thinking of revamping site. Need advice :)

Please have a look at my WordPress site. It’s a built with Genesis Framework. I tried to give it material design but I still think I missed a lot of things. Now I’m thinking of buying a new material design theme. Should I? Or current design and speed are fine? Looking for feedback!

Here is the link:

Content is king – especially on a site like yours. Given that, I think the overall design of your site is fine. The one thing that bugs me is the logo. The sans serif font you chose for the logo does not mesh that well with the sans serif font you’re using on the site.

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Can you tell us more about your goal for the site? Who you are, what you want your site to do for you?

Business, blog, e-commerce?

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Thanks for your suggestion. I totally agree with you. The body font has been recently changed so it doesn’t fits well with the logo.

I think the font used in the heading is not looking that good. Is it only me who thinks that?

You have great site with quality content. Need to work on image selection for content. It should be attractive for visitors.

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