This is cool!

It’s more than cool - it’s freezing!!!

Might be a good idea for others to share some cool videos etc.


I’ve seen a few around here try this … they usually just end up drenched in hot water :wink:

But, when someone gets it right … it’s pretty cool for sure :slight_smile:

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The air temperature must be below 20 f.
The water must be close to boiling.

I was challenged at work when one of my coworkers said it was fake.
She tried it with hot water from a Keurig, ~130-150f
I microwaved the water until boiling.



I’m thinking it might need to be more like below –20° F,

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It doesn’t get that cold in NJ.

Drone Christmas light show courtesy of Intel.


I just did a little research and it appears as though it needs to be much, much colder than it ever gets in New Jersey for the kinds of dramatic effects we’re seeing all over the internet. I suspect the colder it gets, the more dramatic the effect will be. At 20° F you might get a little steam, but I doubt much more than that (although I’ve never tried it at any temperature).

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That’s pretty sweet!

Even if they did - would they tell us? We can barely handle COVID :rofl:

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If I lived anywhere that was enough to do that, I wouldn’t be boiling pans of water, I’d be putting my house on the market!

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Bet you house prices are frozen!

I will get my coat…

I read a fiction once in OMNI magazine where the story went along the lines of: a pair of intergalactic space aliens found the Voyager, heard the welcome, read the map and one said to the other, “I’m hungry.”


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