This type of stuff I find really cool!

Love this company, Leviathan. They do some awesome work (wish they were a client - (sigh.))
Some people find it to be “too much” but they do hit their demographic.
Here are some cherry picked “shows” they’ve done with a little bit of detail on concept art.

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I just wish I had clients that wanted that caliber of work. Oh, well, it’s nice to look at things designed by those who do.

Pretty impressive stuff!! Wow! :scream:

I particularly like how they rendered the theatre in the splinter-cell piece, then projected the rendering on the proscenium to align their digital projection grid. Beautiful stuff. So much of my print work in the event field has moved to projection mapping. It’s really exploded in the last few years.

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Ambient Occlusion rendering, one of the steps to render 3D imagery, is an amazing rendering to show volumes in itself.

THAT IS AMAZING WORK! thank you for introducing me to this

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