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Anyone signing up on Threads? Meta’s answer to Twitter. It’s available now for download. If you do I’m already there. Feel free to add me. I figured I’ll check it out. Can’t be any worse than Twitter :wink:

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This is the first I’ve heard of Threads. Call me crazy but I can barely find a reason to stay on facebook. Am I the only one suffering from social fatigue? lol, I think I’ll pass on this one.

I belong to an antisocial network.

Wait. Antisocialists don’t form networks.

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Facebook – Deleted account years ago, never looked back, never miss it.

Instagram – I still have the account, but I never get on anymore.

Twitter – Never had it.

Threads – No thanks.

LinkedIn – Useful as a business tool.

Snap Chat / Tik Tok – No thanks.

YouTube – I’d rather spend an hour on YT than on TV, but I use YT to consume content not as a social thing.

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Not offering a desktop version is a deal-killer for me. I don’t often use my phone for much more than making calls or listening to music or podcasts when I walk our dog or drive somewhere.

From what I believe, it’s not available in Europe and it’s months away.

I really don’t like social media platforms, I find them very anti-social.

Having WhatsApp is difficult enough for me. I blocked my own sister on WhatsApp cos she kept adding me to ‘groups’. And she thought I didn’t want to talk to her anymore, and didn’t realise there’s other ways to talk to people, outside of social media.

Leaving a ‘group’ on Whats App is very difficult without everyone judging you.

I get the dreads about Threads.

It’s probably just not for me.

I read the same, but I just went to try and download it. I did. I am sure I’ll delete it again pretty soon. I only ever use social media to follow specific areas to see what’s going on. I rarely post anything and don’t engage in social-medianess. I think I’m called a lurker (amongst other things).

Given the fact I could download and use it, I assume when they said ‘not in Europe’, it must have meant non-English-speaking Europe.

All feels a bit frying pan to fire. Musk to Zuckerberg.

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Havent checked it out, I think its Zuckerberg using timing to his advantage to finally jab one at Twitter and I don’t mind.

Waiting for that solar flare, myself…

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I’m growing real tired of jumping on the latest whatever only to find out 5 updates later that the new algorithm hates creators or something. I’m trying to grow my presence as an artist (and a separate presence for my design work :smiling_face_with_tear:) and it’s so unsustainable I’m barely hanging by a thread (haha) and now I have to get on this new app also since twitter is a trashfire? I am not built for this

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Am not a social media user either sorry, this place is the cloest thing I have to social media for me. :laughing:

That said, I have to admire how well played this was by Zuckerberg for recognizing gap in the market given the damage Twitters brand has sustained since Musks acquisition.

I joined, mostly to continue following people whose twitter feed I enjoyed. I like it, not fond that it’s mobile phone based. All my quilter friends are bummed that it isn’t a feed for quilters. :slight_smile:

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