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Super long back story, but I’ll get to my question. Asked for a quote nearly a month ago. Was told I would get that right away and our sign in about 6 weeks pending city approval for the permit as they were pretty backlogged. Have permit, do not have quote or sign. This is the second service for the project I’ve worked with as the first one didn’t get back to us and then said would not be able to do it after all…I’m a bit bummed at the process and am expecting too much? What’s a typical turnaround for a quote?

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Hi Tea! :slight_smile: Good to see you :heart:

I will let those more in the know about that chime in … but a month seems entirely too long … just for a quote. :frowning:

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Turnaround on a sign quote is usually 24 hours, but can be 48 hours to 3 days if we have to get materials quotes from suppliers. Not longer than that.
Not being able to do the job is another thing. Right now we are booking into mid-September for installs. A lot of signshops were reduced down to only a couple employees during covid, no work. Since we aren’t a standalone sign shop that hasn’t been a problem, BUT the last 2 weeks EVERYTHiNG that was mothballed back last May has come active, plus stuff that came in during the pandemic that couldn’t be installed cuz venue not open. Busy.

good luck

To me, it sounds like the project is not of interest to them and just don’t want to do it.
You should be able to get a quote same day, that’s how I do it.

I’ve had customers send an email in the morning, and by the afternoon I’d return a quote only to be told that while the quote was cheaper they decided to go with someone else as they got back quicker.

First up, best dressed.

Eh, a sign is a sign is a sign. A sign shop “not interested” in signs shouldn’t be in business. There are jobs that are “too small” to make any kind of return, but usually if you are a busy shop you can glom several together in one day of installs and make everybody happy.

There’s no getting around site visits and client meetings. There’s a lot more time/money involved than just what the sign costs.
It could be your proposed budget is unworkable?
If that’s the case, they should offer at least a small attempt at budget engineering for you, if practical.

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