Time Tracking Software for Mac (desktop)

As a freelancer I have been using Timeslice for over 10 years to track my design time on a per project basis and I love it. It’s easy, simple and does what I need it to do but it’s an old Macintosh 32-bit app and now it seems that the developer is no longer around and it will not work when I finally update to Catalina.

I need a very simple Mac DESKTOP time tracking software program but am having trouble finding one. I have downloaded trial versions of a few that seem to be way too complicated for my 1-person design shop and now they’re trolling me with phone calls and emails.

A freelancer friend suggested Harvest and after downloading a their trial version, it’s too complicated for what I need. Anyone have any suggestions for a desktop based app?

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https://toggl.com/toggl-desktop/ < I use their online tracking tool and like it a lot but I just saw that they have an app for desktop, too.

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Thanks so much for the suggestion! I’ll give it a try.

I have to look into this software.

Anyone here use this sort of process/software?

Maybe I’m just old school, but I just use 15 minute increments. if I open a file for a change it’s 15 minutes. I round up or down for each session depending on the client. If it’s easy work, it’s fast and cheap. But if it’s a nightmare client you can list every single 15 minutes.

The other day, this cutie appeared in my FB timeline.


I use time tracking not just for billing purposes but also for Pomodoro-style working (20min increments). It’s very useful for my productivity.

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