Tips for managing files among other designers?

Just wondering if you guys have any tips for managing design files/assets with other designers.

I’ve been using Google’s Team Drive and it seems like a good system. I have a folder for each project and within that folder I have sub folders for working files, content, assets… etc.

I’ve also been using CC Library to share brand assets like logos, colours, and icons.

I am concerned with version control and people working on the same files or even saving over each other’s work. Is that just a communication issue or are there safe guards that can be set up?

We’ve been using Team Drive lately too, but only to place those archived or paused items that others might need to access for various reasons. It works, but I’m ambivalent about it. I’m also a resistant to getting Google involved in yet another aspect of what we do. Personally, I’d rather use FTP via a shared common server, but sometimes one needs to go with the flow.

We don’t typically have situations where multiple designers work on the same thing at the same time. Each designer works on his or her project or closely coordinates the work with another person in the case of a joint project.

As for managing writer/editor/designer collaborations, Adobe InCopy works for us in that kind of workflow and keeps the various players from stumbling over each other.

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