Too fed up now to see what's wrong with this

Can you all take a look at this shop plan that I am currently working on for a client.
I am currently on the 5th iteration and have allowed the client to pick apart the design to the point where I don’t know what I’m doing anymore. Any pointers would be very welcome.

It is to be printed 2000mm x 2000mm as a welcome board to the client’s garden centre so it has to look good!

Tbh I find myself in this position quite often - initial excitement and ideas ending in disillusion and a feeling of just wanting the job to be over, which I understand doesn’t make for ‘good’ design.

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I wish more clients knew that their input is appreciated and necessary but that too much interference guarantees poor results. I stop revisions after three go-rounds and charge more for anything else. If I don’t agree with the revisions, I’ll tell them why. If they insist, it costs them more money, and they can deal with the poor results they’ve caused.

As for what you posted, what’s up with all the leftover white space on the “Did you know?” section?

Is a “staff only” and “fire assembly point” marker really necessary? Customers don’t typically need to know where to assemble if a fire breaks out.

If it were me, I’d make all the typography on the map larger.


Thank you @Just-B. It’s a work in progress hence the ‘white space’. I kind of agree on the typography but was a bit wary of making it too big considering the final size of the board (2m x 2m) Also agree about the ‘Fire Point’ and ‘Staff Only’ labels but they wanted them (and the helpful arrow :slight_smile: ) for health and safety reasons.

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The board is that large because it’s meant to be seen and read from a few metres away. Making the type small sort of defeats that purpose.


Logos top right seem to be floating there - not the same margins as the top and left - I’d make those logos a bit larger and line them up a bit more to the top and to the right slightly.

Agree with @Just-B typography on the map is lacking.
Increase the size - even a couple of icons or a picture - look at shopping centre maps

Not the best map - but something along these lines - but not as awful

Maybe contact details to bottom right
Legend icons to the top left?

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Better or worse?

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All the copy within the plan should correspond to the tilting angle, including within the three circles.

And perhaps all the text for the areas should be the same size

Here is the latest version. Feel I am getting closer to something I’m happier with. Not sure about the bottom right corner and the icons need a bit of work but what do you think?

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I like all the versions presented while also agreeing with the constructive critiques by the other members here. I don’t have nearly as much experience as them so I won’t speak on something that I’m not fully sure works/doesn’t work.

I will say that I like the simplicity of using simple icons and smaller type beneath them to denote each section. I think the 2nd version with the semi-transparent section titles was nice too. But this latest version seems like it’d be much easier for the average person to know instantly where everything is, thanks to the more spartan look and simple but distinct icons.

The only critique I have is that the leaf in the lower right corner looks somewhat awkward. Maybe some more refinement or a different way of connecting the four circles while still suggesting the eco-friendly design.

Is it possible to bring that leaf to front so that the ends of the leaf are slightly overlapping a small portion of each circle? That way it seems more like it’s pointing to each circle and less like it’s being obscured.

And maybe the text below each circle back to purple. Otherwise, because of the black text in the bottom right corner, my eyes are being pulled there as if it’s connected to, or equally important to, that of the center locations (Pots, Deli, Gardening, etc). If the text in the bottom right was purple I think I’d more quickly realize that it’s secondary information not necessary to finding out where to go.