Too hot!

I know the temperatures are higher elsewhere, but it’s way to hot here in Salt Lake.

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I feel for you. We aren’t nearly as high and I’m living in the AC. We have been high 80’s and 90’s for days and days and the humidity is just about 100% every single day. I can’t breathe! :pleading_face:

Try to stay cool over there :heart:

Wonder how many bottles of plastic water are guzzled during hot weather like this, not saying you’re doing this, I just mean in general.

How many ACs are on etc.

Crazy weather everywhere, but have to say cool and hydrated somehow.

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We’ve had a lot of rain. It’s weird to hear the sump pump running in July.
Lots of crops lost in Western MA last week. On top of the late frost we had, some of those farms are writing off the year. They’re just small operations compared the ones out west.
The wet muggy air sucks. I stay in the cellar for most of the day on hot weekends, and the office at work has AC.

I remember camping one summer when I was a teenager we had rain like this. We had a fold out tent trailer. Got up to start breakfast and stepped out into 2’ of water. Dad had to hitch up and pull the trailer to higher ground. Lucky. Up to that year, we had a ground tent. Yikes!

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106 looks hot … especially considering your thermometer is in the shade!

After a super nice and long spring, we’ve had a pretty typical summer … hot and humid … highs in the upper 80s to mid 90s with an occasional foray into the upper 90s … occasional pop up thunderstorms in the heat of the afternoon.

The way time flies, fall will be here before we know it.

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68 days until Autumn!

I hope the rain systems run out of water by end of fall. Imagine 5" of rain as snow in 24 hours (that’s what we got for rain in one day last week.)

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