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I hope that bicycle is generating electricity to run the laptop …

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I’m an avid cyclist. Last year, I did almost 1,500 miles on my trainer – which is very similar to the trainer shown in this picture. Still, sitting on my bicycle while at work is a hard “no thank you.”

if i had that desk set up, i would alway be subconsciously looking for darting squirrels while updating my portfolio.
in 2007 i pedaled over 7000 miles, last year i could not have pedaled 2 miles with a pain in my hip. my art work is a lot better now!

7K miles is an impressive year, congrats. My highest year ever was 5K.

Due to some issues with extended family, I had to take 2018 largely off the bike. So 2019 was a rebuilding year for me. My grand total – trainer, road, and mountain bike – was 3.5K.

I hope to do 5K for 2020. It’s usually warm enough to start riding outside towards the end of March.

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That’s impressive! I have a trainer very similar to this too and use one of my old mountain bikes with it.

However, it bores the bejeebers out of me to use it. Outside and moving, I can ride for hours. Inside and not moving, I can barely last 15 minutes through the mind-numbing routine before looking for an excuse — any excuse — to stop. There’s no way I could do 1,500 miles.

Can’t wait for spring.


The only way I can spend time on a trainer is by watching TV or YT. And it has to be something good enough that I forget what I’m doing. For the most part, I use the time to catch up on YT channels I subscribe to. I have a music stand right in front of bike and put my iPad on that.

I tried doing something like this with a recumbent stationary bike. It was comfortable but between the biking and the working, one always suffered at the expense of the other. It was a more efficient use of my time to just concentrate on work and get it done asap, then go exercise.

My city converted a 5 mile stretch of old rail line behind my building into class 1 bike paths… no cars allowed. It’s so much fun after sunset because most people head home and I’ve got it all to myself. I did 4200 miles last year. I think I have a shot at 7000 this year.


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