(Topic switch) Which art medium do you prefer?

It’s the old adage of our age, PC vs Mac, Windows vs Apple. Which one do you prefer, and why? :desktop_computer:

I use a Windows computer because it’s easier to navigate admin tools for PC fixes, not to mention my IT background based in Windows operating systems.


Changing the topic due to the overused topic, which art medium do you prefer? (Pencil, paint, CAD)

Holds up racing flag Ready? Go! :woman_playing_water_polo:

Old (and tired) topic.

Nope. Not playing.

Please, not again.

Which type of pencil do you prefer?

For me, Mac. Ease of. Never crashing. Viruses being less of an issue. Familiarity. Type design software (plus other) that’s Mac only. PCs for me have always been a pain in the arse. Others will tell you different. I think it’s about time we put this one to bed.

Welcome to the forum, by the way.

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Fair enough! I’m new to forums so I didn’t know this was an overused topic. I’ll change up the title, I like what was suggested.

Like many, I got into this field because of my love of art, but sadly, there’s just not much time to do art any longer and it seems like a continuation of work when I try.

Someday (I hope sooner than later), I’d like to get back to doing art for no other reason than to enjoy doing it again.

I’ve never liked to paint, though. I’ve tried plenty of times and took lots of painting classes at my university, but it’s messy and, well, I just don’t like it.

I have hundreds of Prismacolor Pencils I’d really like to use. Prior to getting distracted by graphic design decades ago, I did lots of work with graphite.

I toyed around with the idea of being a sculpture major in college but settled on design since there just aren’t that many employment opportunities for a sculptor.

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I feel you. I’ve been doing what I can to learn CAD quickly through tutorials online and self-motivated workshops, I realize how long it’s been since I’ve drawn on paper.

I love to pencil sketch, and I find painting adventurous. The only clay sculpture I made was an elementary school class, and the art teacher had to come over and help me fix my clay fish so it didn’t look like it was screaming. :rofl:


Yeah … we don’t do that here. Don’t take it personally, we have just had that discussion ad nauseam over the years.

Bottom line they both have good points and bad points. It’s really just a personal preference of what you are used to using.


As for art medium:

I have done some drawings with software and I don’t mind it. But, I’m an old lady and I love working with paper and ink. I need that tactile sensation. I think that’s why I love yarn and sewing work so much. Feeling the textiles is half the fun. I love finding good paper and and smooth writing pens and pencils. I can just disappear inside my head for hours when I have all my “stuff” around me :wink:

I recently challenged myself to draw a doodle a day after I made a little book out of recycled materials. It took a few months to fill it. But, it gave me something to do during lockdown. This is one of the little doodles that I was really happy with how it turned out. I’m sure the folks who follow me on Instagram got sick of seeing them lol :stuck_out_tongue: But, I had fun.


I sketch on an iPad, which I find liberating – no mess or spilled paint!, However, like RKK said, the older I get, the more I enjoy the tactile, real-world craft of it all. I got rid of my drawing board years ago, but have recently put a replacement in my studio.

In the last few years, I have really started enjoying sign painting and hand-lettering and have been taking on more projects like this as a complement to on-screen design work. I’m a self-confessed type-geek. I find physically painting letterforms, immensely satisfying.

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Could care less what computee I use. I buy Windows PC because far cheaper. Never hsd virus or anything of the sort. I know everything about overpriced Apple products. But the new M 1 chips are a showstopper.

What’s a pencil?

I was on my phone, I have auto-correct turned off… maybe that wouldn’t have happened on an iPhone… irony.

Great strawberries!

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While I sketch a lot as part of the design process, I don’t consider myself an illustrator. My preferred medium for creative side projects is photography.


I’ve discovered how liberating a Wacom tablet can be. You can erase the ink! But I still find enjoyment doing the real thing - pen and ink art.
I don’t seem to have anything wacom-done on the cough Mac here that I can share. Lemme go see if I can find something inked and take a pic

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This thread might offer you some insight …

Here’s a moldy oldy. Musta had it out for something recently, it was on the top of the pile.


Gul Dukat! :smiley: Love it!

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Damn cardasians

You have to pirate that up!

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Would I then be a Borg?

I’ve always been a creative sort, but never took to making “art” in the traditional sense. No hand sketch of mine ever evaded near-immediate disposal. But, throughout my youth and into a good part of my early adulthood (when I apparently had ‘spare time’) I LOVED scale modeling, model railroading, and just about anything that conveyed a high degree of realism in miniature, even some upscale dollhouse work here and there. Airbrushing the parts of a plastic model kit, improving upon the kit’s instructional sequence, and scratch-building details the kit left out were all my forms of “art”. My race car models were fully wired and plumbed; my armor models had rolls of netting made from cheesecloth and tarps fashioned of tissue paper, and were all weathered, rusted, faded, and battle damaged. Realistic scenery for model railroads was the most satisfying. Crafting convincing ground, rock, and trees in scale from a mix of natural and fabricated materials was something I would have happily done for a living, had I found the opportunity. Should have hooked up with PD’s museum exhibit and set-building crowd.

Anyway, I don’t know what “medium” all that is, but that’s my answer.

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