Transfer fonts to a new PC

Hello again. I don’t know if this is the proper thread, but I need your advice.
I recently bought a new PC and installed all the programs.
I transfered all the files from my old PC, but…now I wonder if I should copy all the fonts.
I have around 2.500 fonts installed. When I opened the MS office programs on my old PC fonts were crashing and every font from Windows shell were disappearing.
Can I just copy the folder “Fonts” from the old PC to the new Pc? (In the Windows directory)
Is there any way to easy sort them out and delete some unnecessary fonts (which very time consuming).
Any advice?

In my opinion, 2,500 sounds like a lot of fonts to have installed at once. My personal habit is to have a the core fonts I use installed all the time and then activate or install other fonts on an as-needed basis only. I am a Mac user, so I can’t offer advice on where to store, how to thin, or how to best use fonts on a Windows machine. But I’d have to think having that many fonts installed would be pretty taxing on the system.

You can actually use adobe creative suite for your fonts or store them in the cloud. That many fonts can slow down your computer. I would put them in a folder or get an external hard drive.

I’m a Mac user, so I can’t give you any specific advice about fonts in Windows.

However, a quick internet search turned up several sites saying that the latest versions of Windows maxed out at about 1,000 fonts with errors and slowdowns.

2,500 installed fonts seem way beyond excessive on a single computer. If I could get rid of the dozens of useless fonts Apple automatically installs on my Mac, I’d probably have around 15–20 fonts permanently installed. When I needed another, I’d install it, then uninstall it when I was done. Probably, 95-plus percent of my work revolves around a half-dozen fonts. Having 2,500 installs seems a bit ridiculous to me, and I’m not surprised your computer is having problems with them.

Have you considered a font-management application of some kind — something that lets you scroll through the fonts, then install and uninstall them as needed?

Thank you all for your answers!
Probably I will use a font manager and I will keep only the basic fonts.
(Too bad I am Greek, and I not many fonts support the Greek language…)

Get UTC cloud version.
Load your fonts into this font manager.

Login from anywhere.

Wow! Thank you!
I’ll give it a try!