Transferring the deliverables to the client

Once you have completed a project (for example an identity design), how do you transferr the deliverables to the client?

I don’t fully understand what you mean.

Usually, it’s a PDF of the brand identity - guidelines of colors, fonts, imagery etc.

That depends on the nature of the deliverables.

If it’s 10,000 booklets, they’ll likely be shipped via freight directly from the printer.
If it’s a website, I’ll finalize the deliverables by handing over the passwords to the site.
If I’m transferring files to them to arrange for printing, I’ll often send them via email when it’s nothing but a small PDF or two. If it’s larger, I’ll typically zip up the files then use Google Drive or whatever else they prefer.

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Thanks @Just-B - that makes sense.

@Smurf2 - was just meaning how you’d send that PDF to your client along with the AI and SVG files.

I see what you mean.

Usually - it’s sending the guidelines of the brand identity.
Along with a zip file of the assets.

Might have a folder structure like this

Full Colour

Full Colour white background
Full Colour transparent background

3 Colour

3 Colour white background
3 Colour transparent background

Black single colour

Black single colour white background
Black single colour transparent background

White single colour

… and so on

SVG - I wouldn’t supply that - unless it was a website or something.

But usually just deliver AI files to web developers who know best about creating/storing SVGs.

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