Transparency prob. with Coreldraw Find and Replace

Dear Anyone.

Haven’t had Coreldraw 2021 long, just a few days, but I’m pretty sure I’ve found an ANNOYING bug in it - anyone else come across this or - hopefully - know a way around it?

It wasn’t finding my polygons with Find and Replace Colours. So I did a bunch of tests. If the polygons are coloured, including white, it’ll find and replace the colour with your specified replacement colour. Fair enough.

If the polygons are transparent and you want to replace the transparency with a colour, it can’t find them. It’ll say ‘Object not found’ every time. I can even prove this. If you manually fill the transparent polygons with colour and THEN find and replace that colour with another, back to happy days, it’ll find it and do it properly.

Anyone know how to get round the transparency bug? How to make it find shapes with a transparent fill and replace the transparency with the chosen colour? I’ve tried everything and I’m flat out of ideas now! But it’s a truly reproducible bug, youi try it. Draw a bunch of polygons, give them a transparent fill, use the little eyedropper to select the transparency as the ‘find’ colour and any other colour as the replace colour and then use the arrows to make it find the first/next one. I bet you it’ll say ‘Object not found!’ Even though you’re looking at it!

Yours frustratedly