Trending Designs and colors in 2020

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I animated a diagram for a video project I’m working on but have used graphics provided by the client. I think they are slightly outdated and would like to modernize them. I was in a graphics design high school so I am familiar with illustrator and all that it takes to make graphics, I just want some pointers in regards to what is trending now. I feel like rounded edges are too old. I’m also guessing that flat designs with little to no shadows are still in vogue in 2020. What should I use as reference?

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How much more design education does the client have over you?
Why would you want to change their supplied material?
Do your proposed changes to something more “trendy” fit in with their branding standards?
Does “trendy” fit in with their target demographic?
As to what’s “trendy” I have no idea. As we’ve often said here, trends are a thing that one should be aware of but largely ignore. Do what is best to sell your client’s message. And maybe start the next trend.

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Is trendiness an important consideration in making this animated diagram better? Will incorporating the latest trends make the diagram communicate better or make it more easily understood? Will a “slightly outdated” look be detrimental to your client’s goals?

Most clients and their target audiences don’t care about the latest trends and wouldn’t recognize them if they saw them. Trendiness is rarely the point. Good design doesn’t typically center around trendiness unless the business depends on trends and is trying to appeal to a trend-conscious audience. A good design is a workable, practical, innovative solution to the client’s problem that produces results.


I agree with you on that! It is just a very old design and in this portion of the video we need to emphasize a new method of doing something (right after having explained the old method with old gIraphics). So in this case, it does have a purpose. It just needs an update rather than bubbly rectangles and baby blue colors.

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Great post, a lot of stuff in here i did not know about

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