Trouble getting Internships/ starting out

Hello! I just have a quick Q.

I know this can be a easily googled thing to ask but I was wondering why a lot of times I’ve been applying for any graphic design related position always so far getting denied? is there something websites don’t post that can help me get a leg up in the competition? or just a chance in luck? any help would be much appricated! thank you so much!

I don’t think you’ll get an easy answer that will be of any use from us. Without knowing you, your work, the type of work you’re looking for, what the job market is like wherever it is you’re located . . . any advice would be a shot in the dark.

thank you. for letting me know this. I’m mostly trying to apply at companies for Detroit Michigan but I understand there why would be a shot in the dark

This might seem obvious, but most companies get more applicants than they have open jobs in this field. So being a buyer’s market, employers can be as picky as they want.

First, you need to fill out all the questions on the application saying exactly what they want to see. Second, the resume needs to be perfect, as in no errors, looking very sharp and with a list of accomplishments, like degrees, previous workplaces, awards, etc. Fourth, the cover letter needs to be genuine, custom written and with impeccable grammar, spelling and punctuation. Third, the portfolio needs to be drop-dead wonderful, oozing with talent, and overflowing with taste, insight and good judgment.

For those having all those ducks lined up in a nice, neat row, interviews are typically granted. For those who don’t, well, they don’t get invited.

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thank you man that seems like a lot of pressure there o.o

Are you still a student? Most internships are only granted to students, not graduates, and often by special arrangement with the school or college for grading and attendance purposes. Did your school have a placement program? If you are a graduate, with a degree, one might wonder why you didn’t use the time in college to get as much experience as possible while still a student. It’s a sad fact that entry level in the Graphic Design field is now “a four-year degree plus 2 years of real world experience.” It’s a Catch-22. You can’t get the job without the experience, and can’t get the experience without the job. That’s why my biggest recommendation to college students in this major is to do all the part time jobs and internships you can while still in school. Don’t wait for that token senior year coasting internship. It boggles my mind that some colleges don’t even require that. Without a solid work experience, you are not prepared for this work straight out of college.

What B said is very true. Any grammatical or spelling error in resume or cover letter is automatically binned. Details are important. If what he said seems like a lot of pressure, I’m not sure what your job expectations are for this field. The work can be very intense, and there is a lot of competition out there, not only for jobs, but for work. Everyone and their nephew thinks they are a designer. You have to somehow get yourself above the level of the generic design graduate. Not easy and I don’t have any particular advice for you except maybe look in a few other places, like sign shops or print productioin. You will learn a surprisingly large amount of information if you could get into either.

I was focusing more on the “starting out” part of your question than the “internship” part.

As PriintDriver mentioned, are you a design student enrolled in a formal design program. My assumption was that you are. If not, in the U.S., a design-specific internship will be difficult to find without some pretty good connections.

As mentioned — especially in the U.S. — there are far more people wanting to be designers than there are available jobs. This fact bumps up the entry-level qualifications at most agencies (in-house or otherwise) to a 4-year design degree, internship experience and a stellar portfolio.

For a simple design internship at a good company, the requirements are typically a good student portfolio, being enrolled in an accredited design program in either your junior or senior year and a solid recommendation from your design school.

If you are a student, most good design programs in most universities offer assistance in finding internships. If you’re a student, that’s the first place I would start. Another place to consider would be a part-time job at a local quick-print company or something similar. You might not learn a whole lot about graphic design there, but you’d learn a lot about some of the fundamentals of the business, which most schools do a rather poor job teaching.

Hello Autsomeartist

This is not the new thing that has happened with anyone, It has happened with me as well a lot of times. I would tell you my personal experiences for this that can definitely help you to improve and increase the chances of your selection-

  1. Start joining the groups relevant to your interest on Facebook and Linkedln, it can help you to interact with people and exchange your thoughts and views.
  2. Keep Connecting People on Linkedln so that you can build a strong connection with them and it can give you a chance to get awesome opportunities.
  3. Keep applying on Internshala and always ask for a feedback in case you are not selected. Feedback always helps in improvement.
  4. You can consider Indeed, Naukri and Glassdoor to stay active and then apply for the profile you are interested in.

These are some of the ways that can help you in grabbing the opportunity you are looking for. It will help you in anyway.

oh thank you! this is very useful for me! thank you so much

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