Trouble printing red to wrap vinyl on truck

Hello, I’m in need of some guidance on how to match or come close to a red truck. I am wrapping half a truck and need to match the color as close as possible. I currently use Adobe Illustrator, HP Latex 315 Printer, and Onyx Thrive Rip Software. I tried using the swatch books in the rip software and usually they look good until I print a bigger swatch of it and it starts looking washed out, making it look too light. I’ve then printed darker reds and they start looking brown. Anyone have this problem that could help me find a solution?

  1. Check your ink limits.
  2. Print a ring-around in 2" squares to find your color. This should not be changing on larger output (see 1.)
  3. Don’t color correct without applying the lam you will be using. Most lams shift printed color to the green side (rarely magenta but can happen too.)
  4. Give up. After a couple months, the ink will fade slightly and it won’t match the truck anyway. I always advise clients to not attempt this. Even if the vehicle is white.
    I do advise them to seek a complimentary color instead. Same goes for trying to match a wall paint color or other background for a placed sticker. CMYK inks do not reflect light in the same way as paint pigments.

thank u!

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