Trying to find pen tool games online

Hello Everyone, I’m trying to find any websites or anything online that serve as games can help me learn the pen tool. An example would be “The Bezier Game”. Are there ANY OTHER websites or apps that are like the Bezier Game that could help me learn the Pen Tool or that could help me practice my skills? Any information or guidance anyone has would be very beneficial and helpful.
Thanks in advance and have a good day!

When I was in grad school teaching an undergraduate design production class, I had the students trace the Coca-Cola logo. If you can do that, you’ve largely mastered the pen tool.

Adobe have their own Pen Tool game

Always remember to try and create any shape in the most efficient way possible. For example, you could create a circle with hundreds of nodes. It can be done with just four (it is possible to make an ovoid with just two). Try to keep this in mind when creating any shape. It makes for much higher quality, more efficient output.

There is a rough and ready test in illustrator, in that if you have a file made up of too many nodes, there is a filter to reduce them, allowing you to compare the two.

The trick is always finding the apex of any given curve, compound or otherwise. It is a knack and with enough practice, you develop a sixth sense for it and, in the end just 'know’ where to place it when tracing any shape.

Like anything, practice, practice, practice. Good luck.

I spent a month or so using the pen tool to clip out 1,000s of photos of pens for a catalogue. I got the hang of it eventually.

So meta.