Trying to remove background with high quality


I would like to know about bulk photo background removal tools. I am currently using freebackgroundremover. By the way, it’s excellent for converting a large number of images for free, but I need to reduce my workload and want to do it in bulk for free.

Does anybody know, and help me out, please?

Thank you in advance!

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You could setup a photoshop action

But removing backgrounds like this only work on high contrast backgrounds where it’s easily removed.

You do need to refine for any finer details.

There is this - which is not free

I’d recommend it.

It’s relatively low price really.

Other than that I haven’t tested any others.

I only really use Photoshop - and don’t really mess with other software - as when finished removing the background I’ll save as TIF for future use.

So batch background removal from Photoshop would be my go to - and touch up later.
Actions are easy to setup.

It’s the refining that takes time.

Something tells me James Smith will come up with a solution and post it for us to check out. :person_shrugging:

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What’s the difference between “a large number of images” and “in bulk”?

Large Number = His way of recognizing there are solutions out there.

In Bulk = The superior way that he is going to come back with and recommend.

Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe this is legit and James will become an upstanding member of the community. But it seems spamalicious to me. I am happy to be proved wrong.

Have a feeling you’re right


You just did all his advertising promo for him. How sweet!


It’s also curious how Mr James Smith’s IP address points to Pakistan. He doesn’t look Pakistani. I think I’ll lock his account and remove the links @Smurf2 posted since there’s obviously been some sort of mix-up.



Poor fella’s confused.

I’ve been searching for a long time for a free image background remover, and I’ve finally found the perfect solution at imgaix com Most of the other tools I tried either had limited functionality or required a subscription, but imgaix com truly offers a free background removal service.

I’ve got to assume you registered specifically to promote this product. Am I correct? If so, you’re violating the forum rules regarding advertising.

In any case, I tried the background removal tool on several different photos. Honestly, it needs a lot of work. It performed quite poorly on every photo I tried.

Thank you for your understanding. I’m glad you can see that my intention was simply to share a free tool that I found helpful. I appreciate your open-mindedness and hope the tool becomes even more useful over time.

There’s already a geansaí load of free background removers on the market.