Twitch for Designers

I’m following a few artists on Twitch and there are a few Graphic Designers as well.

I was wondering how anyone felt about live streaming Graphic Design work as a way to promote you or your company’s design services.

Any input would be appreciated

I am thinking of this idea for myself too, as it seems to be a good idea to create content useful for others. So if you can explain the steps you take to create an artwork I think it is a good idea to make some tutorials.

The artists that are on there right now. (the good ones at least) do a lot of Q&A as they work. It is more digital painting and traditional painting that I view but since I have 11 years experience in Graphic Design I feel like it would be a good teaching out let for me personally.

The struggle for me would be to get the equipment and figure out the software and what not.

I’m only vaguely familiar with Twitch, so take my comments with a grain of salt. I suppose if you worked the system (assuming there is a system to be worked as with other social media), you might be able to raise awareness of your design services. The question is this: would that awareness translate into landing new business? I don’t know the answer to that question, though, I suspect I do. Who is your target market? Are they on Twitch looking for designers? If so, then rock on. If not, figure out a way to get in front of them.

That is a good point. Probably not. Most of the business owners in my region are of a different generation than myself (at least lately that is). There are some younger tech savvy business owners coming up here but even they are probably not looking for designers.

As a lonely designer in a small business I suppose the benefit would be an outlet for connecting with a larger pool of inspiration and to keep me on top of my game concept-wise.

So the audience you could say might be the next generation of sign designers as we are very much in need of fresh legs on the field.

Thanks for your input though. I might be justifying a tool that is exciting but wrong for the market.

I am part of a graphic design meet up. It’s all designers that attend. I don’t get business out of it nor do I expect to. I suppose there is a chance one of the other designers might refer me if there is a job they can’t handle, but that’s not the main reason I go. For me, attending the meet ups is a way to raise my standing in the community, help others, get motivated, learn new things, and have fun. So it serves a purpose even though I don’t expect to receive direct financial gain. If that’s the way you look at Twitch, go for it. Just be strategic about why you’re doing it and the expected results.

I’ve wanted to do something like this for a while. Even do tutorial type of YouTube videos to explain real-world design tricks/methods and promote my business at the same time.

The main hurdle I’ve faced with a graphic design version of these live streams is not being able to use real projects since this kinda violates any NDAs in place. And trying to make a fake project can be just as time consuming as a real one!

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