Two event brochures combined into one

Anyone heard of combining two events (that will be in the same location) into one brochure and therefore needing two registration forms? Not sure if anyone would know if this is common practice?

So, 2 identical registration forms in the same brochure?

Honestly, I don’t see where the issue is here. That’s pretty fundamentally what the job of a designer is. That’s just part of your brief – the problem your client needs you to solve for them.

Personally, I haven’t had that specific scenario arise, but I’ve had many more similar ones. You either solve the problem as it stands, or if there is good reason why it won’t work, explain this to your client and offer an alternative solution.

Job done.

Apologies if this response sounds a bit glib and facetious, but I am a bit non-plussed by the question. This is our job!


I wouldn’t say it’s common, but I wouldn’t say it’s a bad thing — just a little unusual.

Most brochures I’ve designed recently have linked to online registration forms.

When the challenge seems unique and unexpected, it’s an opportunity to offer a unique and unexpected solution.

If you’re also designing the registration form(s), perhaps you can configure one form to work for either event, or both.

Why does it bother you?

Put them together. Get paid.
Move on to next request.


I am reaching out for suggestions. And only curious if anyone has had this request nothing more. thank you

Just a reminder to all that things can be weird to new people in the industry, even though it might be “everyday” to you.

I have to remind myself of that almost daily. Especially this week. :grin:

The weirdest thing about the request is for registration forms to be in paper instead of online.

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back of tri-fold / gate fold

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Yeah, that is kinda weird. What would be even weirder, if the events are unrelated to each other and the participants in one don’t have any interest in the other. “Register for both and get a discount!” :smile:


My mindset is always ‘how do i do this’ - I removed the ‘why am I doing this’ from my workflow many years ago.


^ This.