Type Designer Interviews by Typotheque

Type Designer Interviews, a series of short documentaries about people who make type.

Hansje van Halem

Amsterdam-based book and graphic designer Hansje van Halem creates highly experimental work, with vivid colours and intricately detailed patterns often creating unexpected optical illusions and vibrant, hypnotic patterns.

Nikola Djurek

Nikola Djurek is a prolific type designer from Croatia, whose work is used by people world-wide, and celebrated by colleagues.

Hrvoje Živči

Hrvoje Živčić is a Croatian type designer, author of the fonts Mote and Halte. Peter Bilak interviewed Hrvoje in his apartment in Zagreb about his beginnings, inspirations and motivations.

Ross Milne

Ross Milne is a designer and creative entrepreneur living in Vancouver, Canada. Ross Milne is the author of the fonts Charlie and Echo. John Hudson interviewed Ross in his apartment in Vancouver about his beginnings, inspirations and motivations.

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