Type Warp - Adobe AI CC 2019

Hi there!

Looking for a little help…again :slight_smile:

Anyone know how to do a “clean” warp of text? I’ve tried using envelope distort and am getting weird edges.

Top example is what I’m looking to create. Bottom is what I’m getting. Thanks as always!



The only good way to do that is to redraw the letters. Stretching, squeezing and warping will produce letters that look stretched, squeezed and warped. Your example of HORIZONS is a good starting place, but if it were me, I’d move it into Illustrator, put it on a template layer, and redraw each of those letters to have consistent stroke widths, like the Knapheide logo.

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use arch in Adobe illustrator under effects
I can do this for you if needed…

This is happening because the letters were designed to be optically adjusted when flat. As @Just-B suggested, I’d trace the outlines and see what you can create by manually adjusting.

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