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I have been creating logos and graphic design for years on a freelance basis (Illustrator CS5) and have taught myself many new skills over that time. I had a recent request for a logo redesign which was completed and I submitted final artwork to the client in multiple file formats (.ai, .pdf, .eps) and the client replied and asked me to “typeset my artwork”… only I have NO clue what this means. I understand in general terms what typesetting is, but how do I typeset a somewhat complex oval logo? Why would this be required?

Hmm. Maybe get clarification from the client.

Maybe they’re asking for the typeface (and font file) that you used?
And this is less likely, since it was clearly a finished project, but maybe he’s asking you to better kern the font?
Or, lastly, it used to be a “fad” for a while of creating a typeface that contained the logo as a glyph, so that if the company was say “PepsI”, they had a “Pepsi Logo Font” that they could select and type the letter “p” for the pepsi logo (in a solid color of course, that could then be changed to any other color just like any other font glyph. This was all before the days of color fonts.

I’d just get clarification.

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I think it’s your client who has no clue what typesetting means. This person has asked for something that doesn’t quite make sense. I agree with CraigB, you’ll need him or her to explain it.

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I suppose another possibility is they might be expecting the logo in an “editable” format where they can change the text if needed. Yikes. And by editable, probably not in something like Illustrator, but probably in something like powerpoint or Word. Anyway, ask the client to clarify.

Thanks for the input everyone, you guys had it correct, the client had no idea what he meant. I was a bit reluctant to ask him based on my inexperience with this terminology in relation to a graphic, and I didn’t want to look unprofessional (I had nightmares of “What do you mean you don’t know that this means, this is standard stuff!!”).
It turns out that all he wanted me to do was take an existing flat graphic and recreate a vector out of it and the use of the word 'typeset" was not the correct usage.

Job done, thanks all!


Thanks for the input everyone, you guys had it correct, the client had no idea what he meant

Haha. Don’t you love it when clients throw in random terms? I recently was scratching my head at a new acronym the client used. I Googled the acronym but none of the results seemed right. I didn’t want to admit defeat but finally asked the client for clarification. Turns out it was a typo. :rofl:


Well, glad you got it clarified @kingkrikkit and @Buda that’s amusing, All that time spent trying to figure out a mistyped acronym.

I can really imagine the fear of coming over unprofessional :laughing: so in the end it was the client who didn’t know terminology. Thanks for sharing your experience :slightly_smiling_face: glad it turned out fine.

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