Typography in design

I want to understand the use of typography in visual communication
And the use of negative space when using typography

That is an absolutely impossible question to answer in a few sentences. Typography is one of those areas where, the more you learn, the more you realise is left to learn and how little you do know. It’s a lifetime’s work.

What I will say is that type will completely make or break a design. Negative space is just as important as positive. The way you say something, your tone of voice is paramount. Sometimes the things you don’t say are just as important as those you do.

Learn from the greats and go right back to the beginning, is what I’d suggest.

It takes years of practice to get even half way close to mastering it and even then …

Don’t let that put you off, but I’m afraid there is no simple answer what you are asking. It is a bit like, ‘How do musical intervals affect music?’ Negative space it a bit like musical intervals and rhythm. Without it, you have only four straight crotchets per bar, played at regular intervals. Music has no shape and no colour. No dynamic.

Can you be more specific? Do you have a question you want to ask or an opinion you’d like to share?

Please it is a question
I’m a novice

Do you think you can learn it here? Or what is the goal of your post here?

Looking it up online gives lots of resources.
There are plenty of accredited books.
There are plenty of accredited courses.

It’s not clear what your individual goal here is.

I only know that when I’m doing something with restricted space like a business card, I am moving the space around to get a balanced design.

You can have all the elements on the page, but if the (say) vertical spaces between blocks of text are not harmonised, the whole thing will look ugly.

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Your opinion is look it up online?

It’s like asking I want to understand the use of food in cooking or I want to understand the use of tools in construction.

Your question is too vague and all encompassing. Which is why some have advised looking it up online.

The use of typography cannot be explained in a simple forum post.


You say that you are a novice. That means you know little to nothing on this subject. It would be pointless for anyone to go into any depths of explanation because it won’t make any sense to you.

You need to start at the beginning and work your way through the subject matter.

This video lightly touches on enough that it should give you an idea of what Typography is all about. Then you will have a few little tools in your pocket to go and look for more specific information.

It’s 6 minutes long. If you automatically think “that’s too long, I’m not watching it”, then you don’t have much of a desire to learn about Typography. Real learning will take much … much longer :wink: