Typography with the ®

What would a stacked ® above the period look like? ®.
How do I know when they are too close?

That’s a bit like asking which note should come next in a song you’re writing. There’s no rule of thumb — you just use the positioning (or the note) that feels right.

You’ll know. I use my eyes a lot.

There really shouldn’t be many, if any, cases of that, and if there are, someone should consider making a change. A lot of style guides I’ve seen rightly do away with using ® in body copy, where a period or other punctuation marks would pose this question. I write a lot of product specification documents that would be a typographical mess if every trademarked product identity had to carry a symbol. (In fact, many of the company’s documents were indeed a mess before I convinced them to revise their style guide.)

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Yes, thank you for saving the day. :roll_eyes:

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I thought the point of this forum was to help educate people in design, not get off on an ego.

What do you mean by stacking it over a period? Are you referring to an ® at the end of a sentence or in some other context. In sentences, as HotButton was getting at, it’s going to look awkward no matter what, and positioning it above the period would look even more odd given that a period isn’t the same width as the ®. In my opinion, it’s likely just best to type it in and leave it if it’s really needed.

Now if you’re referring to the ® being at the end of a larger headline, I think my first answer about just taking everything into consideration and eyeballing into a spot where it’s unobtrusive is best — at least that’s what I’ve always done.

A bit of a tangent, but I’ve always found it puzzling why so many fonts treat the ® differently from the™. The ® is usually cap high but the ™ is treated as a sort of superscript.

I agree with it looking awkward. I was actually told by someone else to stack the period underneath. The closer I got the weirder it looked. Or it just looked like the period came before which isn’t correct either. I guess what I was getting at is if there is rule somewhere I wasn’t aware of on how to properly stack an rball with a period. Now it just seems like a ridiculous request.

I don’t know about a rule, but it seems to me that the ® should come before the period if it’s just typed in as part of a sentence. The ® indicates that what immediately precedes it is a registered trademark. Since the period isn’t part of the trademark, it seems to make sense (at least to me) that the period be placed after it.

I’m more of the opinion the copy should change to get the ® away from the period.

Slightly off topic, we call those things (the ®) “lollipops.” Because when you put them on a logo floating out in space, and don’t account for them in your signblank, we put the little circle on a stick and attach it in some fashion. Looks about as bad as it sounds, but satisfies the logo cops. Sometimes.


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