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need some help… what does “user interface/ user experience” …experience mean when looking at a job posting…it was only listed as being “preferred”…sorry i have not actively looked for a job since 1995 :(…i fit all the other criteria

but a recent change at work has me seriously thinking about moving on…sorry for the dumb question in advance and thank you

These are terms that aren’t consistently understood even by the people who are hiring for those positions. The most consistency you’ll find on these terms is on wikipedia. But if you read the job descriptions beyond the title, you’ll see which terms are more closely matched.

In short:

UX can be an extremely broad topic, as it can involve every point of client interaction, whether it be website, product, correspondence, or customer service, etc. It involves lots of user data and testing. Essentially the how things work of it all.

UI is essentially the emotional counterpart of UX and is tempered by user data. The idea is to build the desired emotional connection to the product.

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In the context of graphic design, UI can simply mean developing the graphics and layout of a page that has interactive features. UX can simply mean the marketing decisions that go into planning what marketing media will be used whether or not that media calls for graphic design skills.

Your self-described “dumb” question was answered much too intelligently by those above me, so I’ll give you the basic answer in case you didn’t already know. UX/UI is short for User Experience / User Interface.

thank you all greatly!!! very helpful

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