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Hello guys, i’m new to the site and also kinda new to the design business. here is a link of my page where i posted all my created stuff so far. https://benjamin-schwarzer.jimdosite.com/
i want to get good at UI and UX design. i found this on the web https://www.behance.net/gallery/60388199/LuxuryClean-UIUX-iOS-App
and i want to create similar stuff like that, but i don’t have any clue where to start on youtube i didn’t find a tutorial to build up something like this. is there any other site with videos from where i get more information about this ?

To learn how to design UX/UI, you’ll need to start from the beginning. I would highly suggest investing in a course that specifically teaches this. You’ll quickly learn there is more to UX/UI than a finished look. Most of this type of work is wireframing a user’s flow for effectiveness.

There are some free online courses you could start, to help you better understand:

In the example you’ve provided, the aesthetic is very specific. When working on a UX project, you’ll rarely get to create the “look” from scratch, and you’ll most likely reference the brand guidelines during the process.

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This other article I just posted shows a far more fun application of UI/UX.
At least IMO. :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot … Very helpful for learning UX/UI

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