UI/UX Secondary menu with a single entry

Hello everyone!
I have a question of ux/ui design : is it a good practice to use a dropdown menu in a vertical 3 dots button with only one option in there ? Is there an alternative?

Example :

  • A page allowing to edit the content of an email, we want to add a secondary action allowing to reset the content of the email (to its default content).
  • In a card list, for each card add an option to export it in xls.

thank you in advance

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I think that’s fine. the alternative would be an icon for “exporter au format xls” with a pop up that appears on hover over with an explanation. A benefit of the three dots button is that it allows for future expansion should you ever want to add an additional function.

Until recently, I’ve not been a fan of the 3-dot menus due to them being so easily overlooked, but I think people have gotten used to them and largely know what they’re for now. For your purpose, I think it might be the best option available.

I don’t see a problem with only one menu item being there. I don’t think most people have any set expectations for what the three dots are supposed to hold other than to show a small menu of options. One option is as small as it can get, but having only one menu item would not confuse anyone.

My only concern would be, like I mentioned, the possibility of the three dots being overlooked. Perhaps if you made the dots the same blue as the other blue you’ve used it might help them stand out and communicate that they’re clickable.

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