Uk moving

I am moving to Uk, Scotland very soon.
Can anybody suggest me what are the things that I should keep in mind while working in UK as a Graphic Designer. what is in demand or what skills I should polish more?
should I work freelance or apply in companies?

I am working part-time as a freelance print designer right now.


If you aren’t a citizen of the UK, you might want to check into labor laws regarding work as a graphic designer in the UK either freelance or part time.

As for your question regarding what skills? If you just have only very general graphic design skills, you will be one among several thousand vying for a shrinking job market. If you don’t have some specialized skill, one you are very good at (that isn’t Photoshop-everyone is good at Photoshop,) all I can say is Good Luck.

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Thankyou so much.

The print market in the UK is very strong. Lots of good companies looking for strong designers.

One request would be for a print company to take on some design tasks, which they are not really staffed for.

You could get freelance work for printing companies to take on ad hoc design requests.

Print companies often absorb basic design requests in order to get the printing tasks, which has a much higher value for them.

I’d say to start contacting companies in the area you are going to reside and pitch them your CV and portfolio.

Ask them if there’s any ad hoc design requests or holiday cover etc. - especially coming into summer months to cover people going on holidays.

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Thankyou for your help