Purple is purple.
I wonder why it is that Pantone selects Textile colors for their color of the year?
Especially considering this one doesn’t have a Solid Coated equivalent (they rarely do anyway.)
Always been a puzzlement to me.


R.I.P. Prince

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… great… I have one client that always insists on using the ‘color of the year’ so they appear hip. I’ll be getting the call next week “Why haven’t you been using ultra violet?”.

I can’t seem to explain to them that it’s BS that Pantone makes up so they get free publicity.


it’s probably because they want to push that new Pantone Textile set that costs as much as a year’s worth of rent for most people

The textile set isn’t new.
For more than a decade, I’ve been dealing with the wonderful people who think they need to spec textile colors for fabric banners.
Please don’t.

If you are not buying bolts and bolts of fabric for large runs of soft goods, you don’t need a textile book.

Same goes for the plastics book. The quantity of plastic you would have to buy in order to spec a specific pantone would probably fill your house.

Oh, didn’t realize that had been around. I honestly thought a color matching system for fabrics was a new thing they were pushing on the industry.

Though that plastic set is actually great for packaging. It comes with formulas and can save weeks/months in color matching with a plastic house.

I’ve yet to get a client to understand though that they can’t buy just one widget in a Pantone plastics color. You have to buy 1000 lbs of them.

Yeah, custom plastic order minimums are real… really only reserved for the brands can meet those minimums, and not just on the initial order quantity, but reorder quantity too. I recently finished a beverage project that used those widgets (assuming that’s what your referring to), and thankfully the stock plastic color options worked.

What’s even worse are the minimums on those custom colored tabs on canned beverages. You’d need something like a 5 million unit order.

Oh, a widget can be anything.
A custom color Happ button usually but could be custom t-molding or interactive gaming pieces or any number of other things you wouldn’t use outside of the one application for which it is spec’d.

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