Unable to apply live paint on certain areas in AI

Hey, I am trying to apply live paint on the complete art, but I am unable to apply live paint on all areas of the art. Below is the video for clarification:

It looks like all those paths that comprise the pants just end at the bottom of the artboard, leaving large open gaps. Live Paint only works on closed, (or nearly closed, depending on your gap settings), paths.

If you add a horizontal path along the bottom of your artboard, connected to the bottom/left-most and bottom/right-most anchors of the pants (effectively making the pants a closed path), Live Paint will work on those areas where it currently doesn’t.

If you don’t want that path in the finished piece, at the end you’ll be able to expand the Live Paint group and delete just the path.

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I see, that indeed was the issue. I have joint the bottom lines from which I am able solve it, thanks again.